How Radical Change is Shaping the 21st Century: Analyzing Consumer Attitudes, Lifestyles, and Economic Trends

As the long-awaited follow-up to Trend Union’s ANTI_FASHION season, this lecture will take a deep dive into analyzing consumer attitudes, lifestyles and economic trends in 2017. Radical change is needed to give shape to the 21st century and with that a huge wave of innovation and rethinking needs to be set in motion. By diverging from the old ways and rupturing from tradition, we can give room to intuition and inspiration, free from self-imposed conventions and self-invented logic.

PHILIP FIMMANO, Director of the New York-based creative studio Edelkoort Inc. which provides concept, color and design consulting to companies in North and South America. Philip is a contemporary design and lifestyle specialist, contributing to Trend Union’s books, Bloom magazine, and strategic studies for various international brands. He works in industries as varied as textiles, interiors, food, craft, luxury, travel and retail.