Action Catalyst Committee


Engage with local communities through design-based service programs or educational initiatives for increased community development and ownership. (That we create or provide in partnership with local nonprofits and organizations).


  • To inspire civic engagement in traditionally marginalized communities
  • To produce projects, events, and other programming to support local mission driven organizations and community groups
  • To expand the role of designer as a facilitator rather than an expert
  • To share design knowledge and tools with our communities

Chapter-Wide Involvement:
City Centers

Committee to be composed of representatives from City Centers and NYC with program initiatives in each City Center


What could your Chapter achieve if you had the opportunity for supplemental funding? With regional needs so varied, IIDA Headquarters has created a program to support our Chapters however they need. IIDA wants to fund programs that drive our Chapters forward, enrich the organization, and promote our mission of advancing excellence in interior design.

Important Dates:

  • Application period opens: Late August 2020
  • Application period closes: October 2020
  • Funds disbursed: January 2021