ActionEquity Council


To achieve equity and accountability toward increased diversity and inclusion in the design industry.


  • Create a Design Industry Pledge for Design Firms, Businesses, Associations, Educators, Media, PR, Clients, etc.
  • Establish guidelines for an annual Assessment of Racial Diversity & gather industry-wide data
  • Hold Pledgers accountable by publishing data

Cross-Sector Involvement

Council to be composed of representatives from IIDA, ASID, AIA, NOMA, Design Firms, Contractors, Industry Businesses / Manufacturers, Real Estate, Education, PR.

Founding Members

Hana Getachew
Creative Director, Bole Road Textiles

Yetta Banks

Former VP of Design and Construction, VIACOM

Elsie St. L├ęger

IIDA NY President-Elect
Asst. PM, Interiors, NYU Langone Health

Erin Ruby

IIDA NY Chapter President
Owner, Erin Ruby Design