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Become a Certified Interior Designer in the State of New York

Begin with NCIDQ Certification, the industry’s recognized standard of proficiency in interior design principles and the designer’s commitment to the profession. IIDANY supports interior designers in pursuing NCIDQ certification. Click here to learn more about our Professional Development.

For more information visit the CIDQ website.

Click here for an inside look at the application process.

Once you pass the NCIDQ it’s time to register with the State of New York.
For more information on becoming certified please click here: NYS Interior Design

Thinking of a career in interior design?
State certification requires more education and experience than NCIDQ. Prospective students should become familiar with these requirements before selecting a program in interior design.


If you have passed the NCIDQ and have not applied with the state please do so! There are advantages to becoming a Certified Interior Designer:

  • Use of the title “Certified Interior Designer” in addition to your NCIDQ appellation.
  • Clients recognize that a qualified interior designer will have the proper education and training and understand the relevant health, safety and welfare codes set by the State of NY in order to design an effective space.
  • You are more likely to have a higher salary and be promoted. Most if not all Senior Level Staff, Associates, Principles and Partners in firms are registered and/or licensed design professionals.
  • Want to start your own business? Certification makes you marketable and identifies you as an expert. This attracts clients and increases their confidence in you.
  • Reinforces to the public that Certified Interior Designers are on the same playing field as other licensed design professionals in their area of expertise.
  • Educates consumers on our profession and the standards the State holds for Certified Interior Designers.
  • Being certified contributes to the advancement of our field.

Most Importantly

  • We can only convince legislators to fight for our rights when we have strength in numbers. This means we need more Certified Interior Designers in order to pass new legislation.

Once we have strength in numbers we have more voices to speak to the issues of our profession. 

Stay Informed

Text IIDA to 52886 to be the first to hear any urgent New York interior design advocacy news or updates, and to show your support for the interior design profession. Any interior designer or stakeholder can sign up.

For more information or to get involved in the IIDANY Advocacy Committee contact [email protected].