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IIDA Committees offer a venue for discussion with professionals in similar fields and sharing of information on trends, problem-solving strategies and perspectives on current or developing areas of design practice within specific markets.

Action Committee

Sustainability Circle



Equity Council

Our Mission: We provide access to programming, resources, and tools of engagement for organizations to create and be accountable for their own pathway to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Our Vision: A design industry that is just and equitable. Our values: We aspire to be just and fair, carrying out our work with these core values in our hearts, minds, and actions by: – embracing constant learning; – practicing cultural humility; -fostering community and belonging.




Engage with local communities through design-based service programs or educational initiatives for increased community development and ownership.



The advocacy committee develops messaging, fundraises, and educates for legislation to advance and promote interior design as a profession. The committee meets as part of a greater task force with fellow professional associations and their headquarters representatives to implement the goals of this grassroots mobilization and will work with a lobbyist to help implement a strategy. The committee will foster broader awareness, education, and support of future legislation by all sectors of the interior design community in order to build a strong advocacy base. They will empower interior designers to speak articulately on behalf of the larger community. The group will Identify and cultivate a network of allies and fundraise to support advocacy efforts. Their overall goal is to develop legislation to modernize the scope of practice and allow permitting privileges for interior, non-structural construction for those who would like the responsibility.

City Center


The Albany City Center was founded 7 years ago to bring the voice of the Interior Design Industry to the NY Capital District. The Albany City Center strives to create a strong niche for the most talented and visionary Interior Design professionals, to elevate the profession to the level it warrants, and to lead the way for the next generation of Interior Design innovators. IIDA stands at the intersection of passion and strategy where designers create extraordinary interiors and experiences. We support the local design community through professional development and continuing education opportunities.


The Syracuse City Center was founded in 2019 to bring together the city’s design community, industry partners, and students. The Syracuse City Center strives to create meaningful events to bring our community together and awareness to our profession while giving back to the community that we love. Roles & Responsibilities: Provide 3-5 events per year to bring together the design community.
Provide at least one Advocacy specific program per year.
Provide consistent communications to the Syracuse design community through a monthly newsletter to inform members of upcoming events, advocacy initiatives, and local member highlights, and NY and national events and initiatives.
Provide mentorship and educational services to aspiring designers at local college design institutions.
Promote IIDA NY membership and manage questions and inquiries from current and prospective members via email: [email protected]


The IIDA NY Buffalo City Center aims to enhance and advocate for the Interior Design profession through knowledge, value, and community awareness. The City Center engages and supports Buffalo’s professional and student design community through diverse events and opportunities. Advocating to advance the Interior Design industry by offering professional development, mentoring, and access to resources that promote quality of life, public health, and safety.


The IIDA NY Rochester City Center is a growing community of talented designers and industry partners passionate about bringing Rochester’s diverse design community together through continuing education, professional development, and networking opportunities.
The City Center works to advocate for the importance of the interior design profession and encourage relationship-building amongst the greater design community and the broader Rochester community.
We aim to foster these important connections through various types of programmed events and rich design-oriented learning opportunities. Some of these include joint events with other design professions, joint events with local Rochester businesses or organizations, and mentoring/educational programs with local high school and college students.



The Events Communications Committee works with all internal committees to publish external event communication through email blast promotion and ticketing.

This team works to uphold and maintain graphic brand standards while ensuring the public stays informed of all IIDA NY events.


The Website Committee is responsible for the upkeep of our New York chapter’s website.

This includes working with our web developer team, coordinating with internal committees, and keeping consistency of our brand aesthetics.

Social Media

The Social Media team is responsible for developing and posting content on our social media channels.

Through engagement, creativity and coordinating with internal committees the them is able to help showcase who the IIDA NY Chapter is to our community.






Leaders Breakfast

Leaders Breakfast is an annual international design series that celebrates the importance of design by honoring an individual whose professional design contributions exemplify design excellence and create a profound impact on our broader community.


Pioneering Design

The IIDA NY Pioneering Design Series is a dynamic program showcasing the power of collaboration in design which seeks to expand perceptions, open discussion and bring innovative ideas to our community.

Color Invasion



Healthcare Forum

The Healthcare Forum seeks to provide members a venue with which to discuss the latest trends and design concepts, as well as disseminate knowledge through education, resources, and communication.

We want to support design professionals in the challenging and rewarding field of healthcare design and act as a source for exploring methods of design and innovation, which create positive, effective healing environments.

Roles & Responsibilities:
Healthcare Forum is set to have one yearly event that is reflective of concerns and issues affecting healthcare design. Research existing conditions and needs in healthcare to best determine what issues are best to highlight. The committee will host brainstorming sessions with industry leaders in an effort to identify topical issues relating to the healthcare ecosystem, and to determine the best strategies for addressing them. Healthcare Forum will have roughly 12-15 meetings per year clustered around the event schedule.

Civic Design Forum (formerly Institutional Forum)



Members Service

Member Welcome + App

The MWC mission is to help, guide and encourage new members to get involved and take full advantage of all that IIDA and the IIDA NY Chapter has to offer.

We create the NMQ, a digital quarterly newsletter for new members featuring events, benefits, and some fun facts.
We run and maintain the IIDA NY App.
We send the welcome letter/e-mail to all new members.
We host several informal social/networking events & happy hours throughout the year.
We have your IIDA NY swag! e.g. enamel pins.
We arrange a MWC table at most signature events to provide information, make introductions, distribute swag and say, “hello!”

Volunteer Coordination

Foster connections with our current and future volunteers. Volunteer Coordination’s mission is to support the Interior design community by facilitating connections and growing the IIDA community.

– Hold the IIDA Volunteer Fair in (Mid-Summer) with all committees in attendance to provide face-to-face interaction between co-chairs and potential volunteers.
– Coordinate with existing IIDA committees for potential volunteer opportunities.
– Place IIDA members on committees that interest them either through direct contact, email or the member’s app.
– Participate at in-person events by manning the sign-in table, speaking to potential volunteers about joining IIDA, and becoming part of a committee.

Professional Development


LMNOP (Leadership, Mentoring & Networking Opportunities) is a non-profit organization that provides personal, professional development to members of the design community. Founded in 2009, LMNOP is dedicated to offering workshops, mentorship and networking activities for the architecture and design community at large. LMNOP has transitioned into the International Interior Design Association’s New York Chapter (IIDA NY) while retaining their core identity and mission of providing resources to the A&D community.





WELL Study Group



Business Leadership Training

BLT (Business Leadership Training) is a unique opportunity offered to our Design Advocate Firms. The program is designed to further develop mid-level designers in strategic business planning. The CEU-accredited curriculum is specifically developed for the IIDA NYC BLT students in conjunction with Pace University: Lubin School of Business. The program includes (6) Courses consisting of (2) classes each. Each course focuses on different aspects of leadership and business knowledge from marketing, presentation skills, networking, team enhancement and management, and, business planning, negotiations, contracts, finances, and business psychology. This is an opportunity for IIDA NY to invest in the future leaders of our industry.


LEED Study Group







Student Development

Hazel Siegel Student Design Competition

The IIDA Hazel Siegel Scholarship serves to honor the legacy of Hazel Siegel, an acclaimed textile designer and chapter member who held numerous leadership positions and received numerous honors over 40-years of dedicated service to the chapter.

The IIDA Hazel Siegel Scholarship honors students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement, leadership, and commitment to the New York IIDA chapter.

The Scholarship Committee aims to nurture the talent of student members, providing them with the financial support needed to participate in specific scholarly activities such as trade events, competitions, courses, and volunteer initiatives.


Knowledge Forum

We are a collective of passionate Interior Design students who are driven to share our knowledge and support our design student peers with their career development by providing resources and networking opportunities with industry professionals. Our goal is to serve as a link between academia and professional practice through collaborative efforts among interior design educators, practitioners and industry members with our co-chairs as professionals in the industry to guide us and help us connect to the larger network.


College Ambassadors

The College Ambassadors Committee was established to maintain relationships with Interior Design Programs/ Schools and Interior Design Student Clubs in NY. One of its main goals is to host fun educational events at the Design Schools and assist in recruiting IIDA student members. The Committee also manages and distributes Student Development promotional materials and swag. College Ambassadors who are assigned to different Programs/ Schools collaborate with IIDA student groups and leverage committee connections to increase engagement.



Design Camp

Design Camp is committed to spreading awareness about the interior design profession for the next generation. Our committee focuses on guiding and educating K-12 students from unrepresented backgrounds showing interest in the arts and design. We provide students with the tools they need for success in design based on careers and portfolios. Creative workshops, portfolio reviews, and information sessions about Interior Design are a few events we hold each year. Our partnership with schools and cultural institutions, as well as sponsorships from ACE, City Year, and CTE programs, keep our committee informed and excited about who we can help next.