Advocacy in New York

IIDANY is dedicated to advancing the rights of interior designers to practice to their fullest abilities in the State of New York. The Vice Presidents of Advocacy and the Advocacy Committee work to monitor legislation that could affect the practice of interior design, pass new legislation that benefits the interior design profession and the public and educate lawmakers, interior designers and consumers about the issues confronting the interior design profession. The Committee has formed a solid alliance with ASID, with the knowledge and support of CIDQ, coming together to move forward future advocacy initiatives.

Interior design law and regulation helps establish and maintain professional standards that protect the health, safety and welfare of the general public. IIDA NY firmly believes that legal recognition, achieved through licensing, registration and certification, brings uniformity to the profession, defines responsibility and encourages excellence in the interior design industry.

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Become Certified

Begin with NCIDQ Certification, the industry’s recognized standard of proficiency in interior design principles and the designer’s commitment to the profession.


What does an Interior Designer do?

In short, Interior design encompasses the analysis, planning, design, documentation, and management of interior non-structural/non-seismic construction and alteration projects in compliance with applicable building design and construction, fire, life-safety, and energy codes, standards, regulations, and guidelines for the purpose of obtaining a building permit, as allowed by law.

Stay Informed

Text IIDA to 52886 to be the first to hear any urgent New York interior design advocacy news or updates, and to show your support for the interior design profession. Any interior designer or stakeholder can sign up.

For more information or to get involved in the IIDANY Advocacy Committee contact [email protected].