Protected: Board of Directors Resources

BOD Resources




Committee List – Update your committee contacts in the Google Sheet.


Link to our Meeting Minutes folder


Sign the IIDA NY Code of Conduct: Policy Against Harassment


Download the BOD Manual PDF: BOD Operations Manual

Short on time? Download the BOD Manual Cheat Sheet PDF: BOD Manual Cheat Sheet


IIDA NY Trademarked Events

Please be sure to include the trademark symbol in all collateral for Color Invasion™, Pioneering Design™, and DEX™ NYC. Click the link above for more information.


Submit information for your upcoming IIDA NY event using the new and improved form:

IIDA NY Event Registration Form 8 weeks prior to the date of your event.

PRO TIP: Use the handy Event Form Worksheet to gather ALL of your event information (including social media) to help you submit the form. Don’t submit the worksheet. Submit the Event Form.


Submit information for your upcoming IIDA NY STUDY GROUP using the new form:

IIDA NY Study Group Submission Form 8 weeks prior to the date of your event.






Social Media

If you would like social media for your event or other activities (if not already submitted using the Event Registration Form), please fill out the Social Media Form.


Zoom Resources

Kellen has put together a handy Zoom Cheat Sheet.

IIDA NY branded zoom virtual backgrounds


Branding Guidelines

Download our Chapter Branding Guidelines (PDF) which includes logo and regional identity usage, Chapter color palette, etc.


Both the IIDA NY Chapter Logo (HQ logo) and IIDA NY Regional Identity must be used on all Chapter collateral. Downloads are all ZIP files. Please do not change the logo in any way other than uniformly adjusting the scale, if required.


IIDA New York uses the following fonts in our collateral. Download our fonts (ZIP file).

  • Arial Black
  • Geometric Slab
  • Gotham
  • Proxima Nova
  • Sanchez

Fractal Graphics


PowerPoint Templates
All Forums and Events are required to run two IIDA NY PowerPoint Slideshows at their events. Please delete the cover slides that are not applicable to your Forum or Event. Instructions for how to acknowledge Annual Partners are located on the first slide (which does not display in the slide show).

Please note that the PowerPoints change quarterly to update the Newsreel. Please make sure  you are using the most current PowerPoint template.



Speaker / Host Certificate

CEU Certificate


General Admin

Photo Release Form

Check Request Form

Event Budget Worksheet must be submitted to IIDA NY Executive Director for approval prior to making any financial commitments on behalf of the Chapter.

Press Release Template

Electronic Letterhead Template

Electronic Invoice Template

IIDA NY Check/Credit Card Payment Form may be used when selling tickets at the door of an event – if you are not selling tickets using the Ticketleap App. The top portion of the form goes the attendee as a receipt. The bottom of the form should be sent to Alan Goodin or Theresa Tolan for processing.

  • There is a $10 surcharge for payment at the door for all events
  • We cannot send an invoice for payments at the door
  • Payments will not be accepted at the door for Leaders Breakfast or Color Invasion(r)